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 His American dream now a reality, Amit’s American exposure for almost three decades now, is an enriching experience. The land that gave him opportunities to pursue his dreams, is the same land that he wishes to give back in more ways than one..
Born in Allahabad, India on the 28th of July, 1959 , to Dr. Barendranath Ghosh and Mamata Ghosh, he completed his formal education in Mumbai. He did his schooling from Christ Church School, the same school from where his father, uncles , aunts and three sisters passed out from. 

During his school years he was actively involved with Sports, Boy Scouts and Voluntary work with NGOs. Growing up with three sisters and both parents as academicians, Amit strongly believes in respect for women and the power of education. It is said that the values we grow up with makes us the adults of today.

 A quick learner of life, Amit not only absorbed book knowledge but like a sponge took in knowledge from all sources , be it life situations and experiences, people who came in to his life, scriptures and his boy scout days. This probably explains why his passion for knowledge and education is so strong till date, not only for himself but for every other human being.

 A strong, early foundation in values like service before self, willingness to help, importance of family ties, value for money, compassion for the old and under-privileged, respect for every religion, standing up for what is right without fear are very dominant in him.

 Amit's source of inspiration ranges from parents, teachers to spiritual leaders like Swami Vivekanand , Mother Theresa and political leaders like Abraham Lincoln and Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy of simple living, high thinking  incidents that strongly left a deep impact on him , contributing to what he is today.

 Amit recalls those days when due to late fee payment he had to stay outside class. Once, he went up to his school principal and said, “ Sir, you will for sure get your money but will I get  my lost class back.” He was given permission to attend his class. 

Always the one to speak up for what he felt is right, he never took a step back for the fear of what the consequences of his actions or words may be. Always willing to experience the new and venture into unknown territory. Amit willingly participated in the Boxing tournament and has no regrets for receiving the Loser’s certificate – at least he tried. After all, unless we don’t explore our own potential and try out  "stuff ", we will never know what our true capabilities and potentials are. 

Taking charge of situations and being responsible is something which came naturally to him. One day when his dad was late in picking him and his younger sister from school after a fancy dress competition, Amit promptly decided to offer his sister the incentive of an ice cream and got her to walk back home which was not very close. Neither the darkness nor the path bothered him, and they did reach home safely.

 A leadership quality of taking onus and knowing just what to offer his team player so that the task is accomplished. So fond is he of dogs that when he went to pick up his first pet dog from his friend’s place, while still in  middle school, he walked the entire distance ( 5 miles) back home only because the public bus service would not let him travel with a pup in his arms. Today too he firmly believes that a family is complete with the presence of a pet. His innate, compassionate nature came to the fore during his voluntary days with the NGO Ashadaan, a home for the aged and the Shelter, a home for the orphans. It was during one of his visits to Ashadaan that he had the opportunity to meet up with Mother Theresa in person. Her dedication and work etched a deep impact on him. He realized the importance of dignity in death, as Mother Theresa would bring in those from the street in to her home to give them peace and allow them to breathe their last with dignity.

 His social activities came to light with his active participation in the Interact Club and Boy Scouts. A true Boy Scout, to date honesty, integrity and simplicity are an integral part of him. Coming from a close knit family, Amit is strongly influenced by his father’s commitment to be focused in life and firm conviction to follow one’s dreams. One can see, just like his father gave up a highly paid corporate job in Kolkata to pursue a teaching profession at UDCT(University Department Of Chemical Technology) Mumbai, something he was so passionate about, Amit too gave up his corporate job to pursue dreams closer to his heart. All through out his growing years, he has seen how his mother kept the family together no matter how tough it got. Savings may have not been enough, but education was given first priority by both parents.

A people’s person, with a desire to see and make the world a better place for all , Amit feels it comes from his mother to a certain extent, who, entertained relatives from far and wide when they stayed over at their residence in Mumbai. Service before self is what he learnt and is now more innate in him. 

It was in the last year of his school in 1976, that the American dream first flashed across his mind. Exposed to the research on America during its 200 years celebration, Amit gained a lot of information on America and read a lot about Abraham Lincoln. Greatly influenced by Lincoln, Amit connects to Lincoln’s quote - “Upon the subject of education … I can only say that I view it as the most important subject which we as a people may be engaged in.” - Abraham Lincoln The college years were equally challenging. The enterprising side of Amit came to the fore front with his launching the campus newsletter – Campus Calling. Drawing in on his popularity as a person as well as a good student, Amit started organizing hikes and treks to the fascinating Western Ghat ranges of Maharshtra. A certified mountaineer from the Himalayan Institute Of Mountaineering, Amit draws great satisfaction from hiking and climbing mountains. Open to learning from all sources available to him, Amit says, “ Climbing mountains has taught me a lot. If the path is rough, one needs to adapt other means of reaching the top. So is the case in life, an alternate is always there, if we care to look. Tougher the path, more the joy when you reach the top, greater the satisfaction. The mountain stands tall and radiant in spite of extreme weather conditions and erosions, this only teaches us to be more tolerant and always remember - no matter what, this phase will pass and I will stand firm and rooted to my grounds once again.” Though extra curricular activities were demanding, not once did he lose sight of his final goal – pursuing his further studies in the US Of A. Every learner is a keen observer and Amit is one too. Ever since he first stepped on American soil in 1984, Amit closely followed the political scenario here. He very clearly recalls when he first arrived at Bowling Green University, meeting up with his room mate Shantanu Naranyan (Present CEO-ADOBE) ,finding an apartment and walking the distance on cold winter mornings. The people’s person that he is, the following year he helped incoming students from India in booking apartments closer to the campus and have home cooked food ready for them, just so that they felt comfortable. Always standing up for what he felt was right, even at the cost of losing out personally, Amit did not take kindly to a derogatory remark made by his professor. This did affect his relations with his immediate guide, but he stood by his belief in what he felt is right. Holding strongly to the belief in being ethical and a man of principles , when he began his professional life in a small private environment laboratory, this job did not last long and he moved on to greener pasture by constantly updating his skill set  Learning never stops for him. Adhering to corporate lifestyle, took him away from home during weeks but was there with the family during weekends. His American dream now a reality, Amit’s American exposure for almost three decades now, is an enriching experience. The land that gave him opportunities to pursue his dreams, is the same land that he wishes to give back in more ways than one.
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