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 Medicare Program; Electronic Submission of Medicare Claims - Document Contents : ...though the statute requires, with very few exceptions, that providers of health care bill Medicare on behalf of a beneficiary (sections 1814(a) and 1848... Rule Posted: 11/25/2005 ID: CMS-2005-0067-0001  - Will this ever get fixed in my life time ?
Insurance is another name for socialism... Why should I pay for a person who is a smoker and indulges in unhealthy life styles resulting in complex health issues. In my opinion the number one cause of rising health care costs are the insurance companies. Some of the over heads for filing commercial insurance claims does  not justify the amount. What we need is common sense for 80 % of the health issue, by allowing  our doctors to spend more time with their patients, in a proactive manner and not have to deal with the insurance paper burden. 
I believe Hospitals (both commercial and government)  should be allowed to offer membership like COSTCO's of the world. Secondly, health care services should not be for profit.
NO one should be forced to buy insurance for health care. It is an individual choice. 

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