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We should lead by example, freedom should not be a marketing term. With freedom comes responsibilities. With revolution comes chaos. In order to promote the culture of the free world one must first understand the culture and economic needs. We need leaders who are strong in Project Management, change management and conflict resolution. In short the new world order now requires an Enterprise Visionary Political Architect ... Hence I am your MAN !!
A persistent issue becomes a problem. Hence a root cause analysis needs to be conducted before a solution may be provided.

I believe the areas we need to focus are cyber security, and intellectual Properties. The amount of personal data that is collected knowingly or unknowingly is my biggest concern. I am of the opinion that the personal data of every US citizen MUST be stored on systems that are physically located on the US Soil -- This is an international issue as we live in a world connected by wires.

However, to solve an issue, we need to look  in four dimensions at a minimum. The whole idea of the US Senate, is to get fresh ideas from the industry every 2 years. Unfortunately that is not the case.
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